it’s not you, it’s my self-worth.

Join Naomi for an audio replay of her livestream on the topic of empaths and self-worth. Link to podcast episode:–Its-My-Self-Worth-er4i1n Many of us empaths have commitment issues. In our relationships, career, and with time and money. It can be hard for us to commit to something just for ourselves (especially because we ALWAYS think … Read More

Conflict isn’t bad, it’s necessary

Join Naomi for her livestream audio replay on the topic of empaths and the fear of conflict.  *LINK TO PODCAST EPISODE:–its-necessary-eql10f I share my story on how I used to be deathly afraid of conflict as an empath growing up + in my adulthood. I used to allow myself to be mistreated and taken … Read More

So what if they judge you?

Join Naomi for a live audio replay of her livestream on the topic of empaths and the fear of being judged. *Link to the podcast episode: So, there’s this buzz in the online space to “show up,” or “show up and be yourself.” It can be tough for empaths to do this both in … Read More

Here’s the real reason why you’re feeling resentment in your relationships.

Join Naomi in her latest podcast episode which includes a livestream replay on the topic of empaths and feeling resentment in their relationships. *Link to podcast episode: So, why are empaths often people pleasers? Self-image plays into people pleasing: Having poor boundaries is often associated with having low-self worth and esteem. It feels uncomfortable … Read More


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Aloha! I’m Naomi. I am an Internationally Board Certified Life and Success Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, an INFJ, a mother, and the host of the That’s Deep Podcast. I help empaths overcome energetic overwhelm, release limiting beliefs & create stronger boundaries in relationships.

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