Let’s end the empath victim narrative, when it comes to empaths and narcissists. Have you ever had an experience with a narcissist?    Maybe you’ve had to deal with one at work, with your family, in a friendship, or maybe even a romantic partnership?   No matter the case, it’s never an easy type of relationship to manage.   And many empaths feel like they’ll always be … Read More

Is self-criticism holding you back? Here’s 7 ways that excessive self-criticism is holding you back. Is self-criticism holding you back?   Self-criticism is the act of criticizing one’s own faults or shortcomings.   It is when we typically experience negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves, specifically about our behaviors and/or personal attributes.   While many people have trouble with pointing out their own flaws, empaths can easily get caught … Read More

Speaking your truth is necessary: 6 Reasons why empaths should speak their truth. Have you ever had a hard time speaking up for yourself? Has it ever been difficult to share your truth with others? Or have you ever wanted to share your opinion with someone but you were worried about upsetting them?   Empaths can feel EVERYTHING. We can feel other people’s emotional reaction. We can … Read More

Energy is everything: How to use your emotional guidance system when hiring a life coach. So, you’re an intuitive person. Maybe you’ve always been able to get a good read on people and you have a natural talent with reading between the lines.   Or maybe you have a knack for noticing patterns and connections between people, places, and experiences. And you naturally intuit information from your gut instincts. … Read More


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Aloha! I’m Naomi. I am an Internationally Board Certified Life and Success Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, an INFJ, a mother, and the host of the That’s Deep Podcast. I help empaths overcome energetic overwhelm, release limiting beliefs & create stronger boundaries in relationships.

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