Empathy will be the new currency: Tips for highly-sensitive and introverted entrepreneurs Have you ever tried to fly under the radar in order to stay safe? Have you ever been afraid to voice your opinion? Have you ever felt too broken for this world?   Let’s put those limiting beliefs on ice today and talk about a best-kept secret. Being sensitive is not a weakness. It’s … Read More

Re-defining your relationship with your sensitivity as an introverted empath + HSP Have you ever been called, “too sensitive?” Maybe you’re an empath or a highly-sensitive person (HSP), and this kind of phrase was always something that you always heard while growing up?   While we’re typically told that being sensitive is a weakness, I’m here today to show you why your sensitivity is actually a … Read More

The key to manifesting as an empathic mompreneur. So, you’re a mompreneur with a purpose, right?   You’re a multi-dimensional mother who is interested in manifesting the life, business, or relationship of your dreams.   But what’s the secret to manifestation?    My most recent podcast guest and fellow mompreneur, Amanda Suga, shared this manifestation gem:   “The key to creating your … Read More

You’re not here to be understood by others. You’re here to understand yourself. Are you an empath and tired of being misunderstood by others? I’m sure you’re quite familiar with the phrase, “Why can’t they get me?” or “Why can’t they just understand me?”   I’m here today to give you a new perspective on all of this. Join me in my audio replay of my livestream … Read More


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Aloha! I’m Naomi. I am an Internationally Board Certified Life and Success Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, an INFJ, a mother, and the host of the That’s Deep Podcast. I help empaths overcome energetic overwhelm, release limiting beliefs & create stronger boundaries in relationships.

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