3 Signs that you might be a perfectionist. Are you a perfectionist?   Maybe you consider yourself a high-achiever, a results-driven person, and someone who knows how to hold it all together perfectly. But doesn’t this get stressful for you?   Needing to keep up appearances or draining acts to portray a certain image to others?   Many empaths, highly-sensitive people (HSPs), […]

Why your trust issues are holding you back in your relationships. Welcome back to the show!   Last time, we went over 4 signs that you might have trust issues.   Today we’re going to talk about why your trust issues are holding you back in your relationships.   If you’ve struggled with trust issues before and you’re wondering how it’s truly impacting the health […]

4 Signs that you might have trust issues. Trust is something that most of us desire within our relationships.   But it’s something that’s not always present within the relationships that we have in today’s world.   Whether that’s with a romantic partner, loved one, co-worker, or friend…many of us determine which relationships we want to engage in, based on who we […]


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Aloha! I’m Naomi. I am an Internationally Board Certified Life and Success Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, an INFJ, a mother, and the host of the That’s Deep Podcast.

I help empaths set healthy boundaries in their relationships, manage energetic overwhelm, and release self-limiting beliefs.

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