Timeless Tarot Reading (PICK A NUMBER): What do people wish they could compliment you on?


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Today’s timeless tarot pick a card reading is all about answering the question, “WHAT DO PEOPLE WISH THEY COULD COMPLIMENT YOU ON?”  We’re going to find out what people wish they could praise you about, what they love about you, and what they think about you in general.    
💛 If you’re new to pick-a-card readings, here’s how it works:  
1. Pick a number (1, 2, 3, or 4) that you feel the most drawn to.
2. Find the timestamp that is linked to your pile here in the shownotes, and skip ahead to your reading.   
⚡️TIME STAMPS (fast-forward the episode to the timestamp linked to the number you chose):  
1:28 How to Pick Your Pile
3:05 Pile 1   
19:03 Pile 2   
37:09 Pile 3   
52:37  Pile 4
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