Finding your true calling with astrology

Have you ever struggled with finding your true calling? Maybe you’ve worked in a career that just wasn’t suited to you?


Or maybe there’s something that lights you up that you feel led to do, but you’re unsure if it’s even a viable plan?


My most recent podcast guest, Cat Rose Neligan, said, “Being an introvert isn’t an excuse not to live your best life.”


Cat is an astrologer, writer, coach INTJ, and creative introvert who is dedicated to helping others find their true calling. Cat’s fascination with astrology began as an extension of her interest in personality typology. She soon found out the study of the stars had much, much more to offer, and has been learning as much as she can ever since.


Cat now incorporates astrology into her work coaching creative introverts, helping artists, writers, musicians and all kinds of creatives to better understand themselves, identify their calling, and share their work with the world.


Join us for an episode where we dive into topics like introversion (and the challenges it brings in business), astrology and how to use it as a tool to improve your life, mercury retrograde, and Saturn returns.


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