4 Signs that you might have trust issues.


Trust is something that most of us desire within our relationships.


But it’s something that’s not always present within the relationships that we have in today’s world.


Whether that’s with a romantic partner, loved one, co-worker, or friend…many of us determine which relationships we want to engage in, based on who we feel we can trust.


But if you’ve been hurt in the past, it can be  really tough to trust others.


Especially, if you’re an Empath.


Having the specific challenges that come with being an empath (such as, absorbing the energy and emotions of those around us, having a fear of conflict, finding it hard to trust others when your intuition tells you otherwise), all makes it that much harder to trust people.


As empaths and sensitives, we can sense what can’t be seen with the eyes. We typically get a good read on whether we can trust a person. But sometimes the water gets muddy and it’s hard to determine who we can and cannot trust.


Or maybe we’ve struggled with having people cross our boundaries in the past, so we’ve learned to put our walls up and we’re hesitant to let people in.


But when our guard is up, sometimes we don’t let the good things and the right people in. We miss out on opportunities that are actually empowering, soul-nourishing, and a good match for us.


If you’ve ever dubbed yourself as the, “I don’t trust people” person, I want you to know that trust can be developed and it’s necessary to build healthy, intimate, well-connected relationships.


Stick around for this podcast episode, where I’ll share 4 Common signs of trust issues.


If you’re feeling like you struggle with trust issues and you’re curious on how it’s holding you back in your relationships, look out for the next episode, where I’ll share some reasons why your trust issues are holding you back in your relationships.


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