7 Signs that you might be a people pleaser.


Is being a people pleaser all that bad?


I mean, isn’t it just being nice and agreeable?


Doesn’t it just allow you to get along with most everyone around you?


Or maybe it makes us feel generally liked?


And it probably makes you feel like you can avoid conflict as much as possible? Right?




Tough love coming at ya, my friend. Being a people pleaser is not what it seems.


According to heathline.com, “being a people pleaser goes beyond simple kindness and it involves editing or altering words or behaviors for the sake of another person’s feelings or reactions.”


The danger with people-pleasing is that you have to sacrifice parts of yourself to please or meet the needs of others.


When you people-please over a long period of time, it leads to burnout, exhaustion, resentment, and it really isn’t sustainable at all.


I mean, how long can we really keep this gig up?


How much longer are you going to give up your energy and time to please others?


How much longer are you going to betray yourself in order for others to “like you?”


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