The 4 attachment styles and how they impact our ability to form secure relationships.

Many of us want and need different things in our relationships.


Some of us need a lot of space and independence.


And then some of us struggle with (I’m gonna say it straight up) clinginess and wanting to be with our partners all of the time.


There’s science behind this. It’s called attachment styles.


Attachment style refers to the way that we relate to others, behave, and respond emotionally in our relationships.


They are formed in our childhood and are based in response to the relationships we had with our earliest caregivers.


So why is this important for empaths and highly-sensitives to keep in mind when wanting to improve their relationships?


Well, we have a nervous system that is highly-attuned to the emotions and energy of others around us.


So when our partner is behaving in a way that we can’t understand and we start to feel emotionally overwhelmed, keeping the attachment styles in mind can help you to hold space, have deeper compassion for, and see a different perspective that your partner may be experiencing.


This information will help you understand your partner and their behavior better.


Because, as I always like to say…we are all wired very differently.


So if you’ve been trying to understand your partner and their behavior on a deeper level, stay tuned for this episode on the 4 attachment styles.


Listen in to learn which style you and your partner have.


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