How to navigate conflict with your loved ones using personality types.

Have you ever felt criticized by a partner, co-worker, boss, a friend, or family member before?
What did that feel like? Did you ever feel like shutting down? Or maybe you felt defensive? Or maybe you’ve felt the need to fight back?
Experiencing conflict. This is never easy, for anyone.
But if you’re an empath, you know how incredibly tough it can feel to experience conflict on an emotional and energetic level.
Having a nervous system that is highly sensitive and perceptive to the emotions and energy of others can feel rough and shaken up while experiencing tough situations or people.
Maybe when you and your partner get into an argument with your partner, you notice that they always need to be right.
Or maybe when you’re experiencing a moment of tension with a friend, family member, or co-worker, you notice that they’re always focused on controlling the conversation.
Then after we find ourselves royally frustrated, the following thoughts tend to pop up for us:
“Why do they always act this way?”
“Why can’t we see eye to eye?”
“Why is this person always fixated on x, y, and z?”
Or “Maybe we’re just incompatible.”
But, what if I told you that there was a way to help you navigate conflict with more understanding and compassion for yourself and others?
Stay tuned for this episode that will serve up a fresh perspective on how to use personality types as a tool to improve your relationships by helping you navigate conflict with your loved ones.
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