Is it time to break up? 10 Signs that you’ve outgrown a friendship or relationship.

Have you ever had to let go of a friendship or relationship?


We all outgrow friendships, partners, and loved ones throughout our life.


But it can be hard not to take it personally. And honestly, it can feel heart-wrenching, confusing, and frustrating.


Maybe you’ve known these people since elementary, middle, or high school. Or maybe you’ve been tight with this person since your college days. Or shoot, maybe you’ve been in a romantic relationship with them for a while.


No matter what the situation looks like for you, it can be incredibly painful and heartbreaking to cut off a friend, family member, or loved one.


And it can be excruciating when you’re on the receiving end of a friendship or relationship break up as well.


But the good news is, you’re not alone.


Outgrowing our friends, family, and loved ones is something that naturally happens often as we grow up and age throughout life.


Our life paths change, our personal values become more solidified, and we start to recognize our worth and what we know that we deserve in our relationships.


Which can be as simple as being loved, respected, and understood.


Mainstream media and society has taught us that we’re “supposed to” have BFFs (best friends forever), or that we have to stay in romantic relationships til death due us part, and stick it through with toxic family relationships in the name of loyalty and commitment.


This narrative is not helpful. Life is dynamic and ever changing, and we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment when we expect a person to act or behave a certain way, for a lifetime.


In the online space, we hear a lot of the stereotypical “don’t be afraid to cut them off” statements when it comes to toxic relationships.


But what about the more nuanced side of letting go of relationships?


I mean, you can also be incompatible without it being a “toxic relationship.” And it can still be time for you to move on.


People can only meet you at the level in which they’ve met themselves.


Stay-tuned for this podcast episode on the topic of outgrowing relationships, normalizing the emotional process of letting go, and seeing the upside in all of it.


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