Self-care isn’t just a luxury. Here’s 3 common misconceptions about self-care.

We live in a society where effort, ambition, drive, and constant “doing” is rewarded.


And when we do all of the things to keep up with the busy world, we end up exhausted, overwhelmed, depleted, and burnt out.


As humans in general, we weren’t meant to operate at machine-like hyperspeed. We weren’t meant to live our lives on overdrive.


And if you’re an empath, highly-sensitive person, introvert this probably hits harder on your nervous system.


So, what do we do to manage our well being and energy reserves in a seemingly chaotic and disruptive world?




Ok. Before you start rolling your eyes at me thinking this is another blanket call to action on self-care, give me just a little more of your time to offer you a different perspective on self-care and not only it’s benefits, but it’s necessity in your life.


Still skeptical? Let’s dive even deeper.


Join me for this episode on self-care, where I clear up 3 common self-care myths, share the benefits of having a self-care practice, and give you actionable self-care tips and ideas to help you get started on your self-care journey today.


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