How to transform trauma into self-connection and compassion.

One of the most beautiful questions to ask anyone in pain is, “What rises for you when _____ (ex. Someone mistreats you, or leaves you feeling abandoned or unseen)?”. This gives us  room to observe what rises within us without wanting to fix or change it.


It allows us to notice that we’re  in pain. To see what’s rising in our bodies. And it gives us the awareness that we do have choices. It’s about remembering that we always have a choice. It’s about cultivating it and not demanding that the pain leaves immediately. It’s a journey.


Experiencing trauma and grief is no walk in the park. None of this is easy. Reliving the prior pain of our traumatic experiences, allowing ourselves to be visibly vulnerable, befriending the inner critic, or attempting to heal the wounded spaces within us as we try to move on throughout our lives.


If you’ve been doing a lot of self-healing and releasing of old trauma, then this is the perfect podcast episode for you.


Grief can teach us many meaningful things. Although it can be incredibly painful, there’s an upside to allowing yourself to experience feeling the fullness of what it is to be human. My most recent podcast guest, Clare O’Sullivan said, “It’s not a pain free life, but a broader spectrum of life.”


“It’s about having patience at the threshold of pain, understanding the longing, and then comes the inspiration on how to continue to build your life in this moment.”


Things like depression, anxiety, and PTSD don’t need to impede us. They can simply just invite us to get closer to the truth of what life is like for us.


Cultivating compassion is a lifetime’s work. You have needs and it’s ok to long for harmony, beauty, and peace.


If you’re looking to make today more livable and foster more moments of connection in your life, then tune-in to this episode!


Remember. You matter. Give yourself space to fully inhabit and arrive home to yourself.


Clare O’Sullivan is a Resensitisation Through Compassion Teacher & Coach, who offers one-to-one coaching, online classes, and MBTI profiling.


She offers a compassionately held non-judgemental space which supports you to lovingly mediate and befriend your inner experience. To work with compassionate tools to navigate all that rises in your nervous system. A place where the experiences we describe as anxiety, depression and hyper-vigilance are approached not as blocks but as a communication from and within you, letting you know what you need and are longing for, and to identify what would make life wonderful for you.


You can connect with Clare at:


*If you’re experiencing domestic violence, The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233.


*If you’re an Empath, who is looking for guidance in overcoming energetic overwhelm, releasing limiting beliefs, and setting healthy boundaries in your relationships, then I’d love to invite you to enroll in The Empowered Empath Coaching Course!


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