Is self-criticism holding you back? Here’s 7 ways that excessive self-criticism is holding you back.

Is self-criticism holding you back?


Self-criticism is the act of criticizing one’s own faults or shortcomings.


It is when we typically experience negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves, specifically about our behaviors and/or personal attributes.


While many people have trouble with pointing out their own flaws, empaths can easily get caught up in excessive self-criticism.


We’re highly-sensitive and highly perceptive, therefore it can be tough not to get into our own heads about all of our shortcomings.


While having self-awareness is healthy and an important skill to have in personal development, in our careers, and in our relationships (as far as learning from our mistakes), we as empaths can take self-criticism a little overboard until it wears away at our self-confidence and self-esteem.


A lot of the time, this comes from negative experiences we had in our childhood with caregivers, parents, or authority figures.


Example: If you had a parent that was authoritarian-like (controlling, rigid, critical), then it could’ve had a negative impact on our perception of ourself and our worth.


But we’re not here today to point fingers or blame our parents. We’re just here to shine a light and dig a little deeper.


If you’ve ever struggled with excessive self-criticism before, then you won’t want to miss this brand new podcast episode where Naomi shares an audio replay of a livestream that she did on the 7 ways that excessive self-criticism is holding you back as an empath.


Tune-in and let us know what you think!


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