Speaking your truth is necessary: 6 Reasons why empaths should speak their truth.


Have you ever had a hard time speaking up for yourself? Has it ever been difficult to share your truth with others? Or have you ever wanted to share your opinion with someone but you were worried about upsetting them?


Empaths can feel EVERYTHING. We can feel other people’s emotional reaction. We can feel their uncomfortable emotions. And it can be tough not to absorb the emotional states of others, even when this isn’t our baggage to carry.


Many of us want to avoid conflict at all costs. Some of us are recovering people pleasers. And all of this makes it that much harder to speak up and speak our truth.


But, when we don’t speak our truth, it hampers us from being able to successfully advocate for and assert our needs, which can lead to energetic and emotional overwhelm and drain.


And while there are many factors at play for the reason behind why it’s difficult for some of us to speak our truth, one of the reasons is that many of us empaths don’t realize is that these patterns of behavior could be rooted in a deeper self-limiting belief, which is, ”It is too hard to speak my truth. It will only upset others.”


So,  what do you think? How hard is it for you to speak your truth as an empath? Did you struggle with it in the past? What advice would you have given yourself back then?


Join Naomi for a new podcast episode where she shares an audio replay of a livestream that she did on the topic of empaths and the fear of speaking their truth.


If you’re an empath and if you’ve ever struggled with speaking up and speaking your truth, then this is the perfect podcast episode for you because Naomi shares six reasons why it’s necessary for empaths to speak their truth.


Tune-in and let us know what you think of the episode!


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