Energy is everything: How to use your emotional guidance system when hiring a life coach.

So, you’re an intuitive person. Maybe you’ve always been able to get a good read on people and you have a natural talent with reading between the lines.


Or maybe you have a knack for noticing patterns and connections between people, places, and experiences. And you naturally intuit information from your gut instincts.


But once we have the language around being an intuitive person, the next question that many of us start to ask is, “How can I strengthen my intuition?” “And how can I learn how to use my intuition as a tool to help me in my life?”


I’m here today to let you in on a little intuitive secret. Did you know that your emotions are one of the main ways that your intuition can work for you?


Our emotions are constantly communicating important messages to us.


You know what I’m talking about. I mean, have you ever felt a bad feeling about engaging in a certain experience or situation? Or maybe you’ve had a bad feeling in your gut about working with/dating/befriending a specific person.


Whatever your story is, I bet that on the flip side, you’ve also felt that strong feeling of inner knowing too. That feeling of deep trust and that strong inner knowing when something or someone is right for you.


Your energy and emotions don’t lie. Trust them.


Join Naomi for a brand new podcast episode where she shares an audio replay of a livestream that she did on empaths and trusting the energy and emotions that they feel, especially when it comes to selecting a coach to add to your network of support.


Tune-in to learn how to use your emotions as an intuitive tool to vet out who you allow into your circle of support.


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