Don’t hate the player, respect the boundary: Here’s 6 Boundaries you don’t have to feel guilty about setting.

Have you ever felt guilty about saying no or turning a request or invitation down?


It can be hard to say no if you’re an Empath. A lot of us are recovering people pleasers and we just want to help others and make them happy.


But then we fall into a cycle where we end up tolerating behavior that does not serve us.


We end up putting those who value us the least first.


Then we become resentful, drained, and overwhelmed for a number of reasons but the main one is that we end up helping others at the detriment of ourselves.


Saying no while feeling empowered can be a rough one for empaths.


What we don’t realize is that we most likely need better boundaries as an Empath.


Join Naomi for an audio replay of a livestream that she did on the topic of empaths, boundaries, and the things we feel guilty about when setting healthy boundaries in our lives.


You won’t want to miss this episode because she covers the 6 boundaries that you don’t have to feel bad for setting as an empath.


See you on the inside of the episode!


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