Are you ignoring red flags? Here’s 5 Common Empath triggers.

What triggers you the most? Is it being micromanaged? Or maybe it’s when people lack empathy or take advantage of the good-hearted? Maybe it’s having your feelings invalidated.


No matter what triggers you the most, I think that one thing that we can all agree on as human beings is that we all can get triggered at some point in our everyday lives. 


And we definitely know when we’re triggered when we’re upset, pissed, sad, frustrated, angry, disappointed, or heartbroken. But are we always super clear on the reason WHY we’re triggered?


And would gaining more clarity on what triggers us on an individual, personal level be helpful in better managing the wave of strong and sometimes overwhelming emotions that come flooding in each time we’re triggered?


Let’s find out! Join Naomi for this helpful podcast episode where she shares an audio replay of a livestream that she did on the topic of empaths and triggers. 


If triggers hit close to home for you, then you won’t want to miss out on this episode because she shares five common empath triggers and she offers up a fresh perspective on how we can view triggers in a different light (one that actually positions triggers as a tool for growth, rather than a burden that victimizes you).


Can’t wait to see you in the episode! 


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