Stop waiting for a permission slip: 10 Things Empaths don’t need permission to do.

As empaths, it can be tough not to get caught up in thinking we need to get permission from others.


As children and even in adulthood, we’ve been conditioned by our caregivers, teachers, or other authority figures to seek the “okay” from them for just about everything.


Growing up, we had to ask permission to use the bathroom, or to eat, or before we spoke in class, before we could play outside, if we could see our friends, etc.

We’ve been taught to seek counsel before making any decisions for ourselves.

We’ve been trained not to trust ourselves, our intuition, or our gut instincts (even though we have those inner “I told you so” moments all of the time).

We ask our partners or lovers if “this looks good” on us before we go out and show ourselves.

And we’ve been taught to rely on what “makes sense” and “logic” over our inner knowing (the knowing from comes from your heart).

All of this programming then starts to plant self-limiting beliefs within us and our subconscious mind.


We start to believe that having freedom in making our own decisions is a privilege and not a right.


Here’s your wake up call my fellow empath. THE ONLY PERSON YOU NEED PERMISSION FROM IS YOU.


Join Naomi for her audio replay of a livestream that she shared on the 10 things that Empaths don’t need permission to do.


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