Tired of letting others control your emotional experience? Here’s how to take your power back as an Empath.


Let’s clear up one huge misconception. NOBODY. IS. IN. CHARGE. OF YOU.


One more time for my fellow empaths sitting in the nosebleeds…NOBODY IS IN CHARGE OF YOU.


You are in charge of your life. Nobody is in charge of your emotional experience or how you respond either.


You are more powerful than you allow yourself to believe.


For us empaths, the real issue is when we give our power away to others.


Join Naomi on this podcast episode, where she shares an audio replay of a livestream that she did on the topic of empaths and emotional boundaries. She shares her story about how she used to get caught up in victim mentality while growing up (ex. why are others doing these cruel, disrespectful, unnecessary things to me?) and how she realized that she wasn’t yet skilled in knowing her emotional and energetic needs at that time.


If you’ve ever struggled with setting and maintaining healthy boundaries (while trying to keep the peace at all costs), then this is the perfect podcast episode for you. 


Join Naomi as she dives deep into a conversation on the cycle of giving your emotional power away and how to take your emotional sovereignty back. 


*If you’re an Empath who is interested in overcoming energetic overwhelm, releasing limiting beliefs, and setting healthy boundaries in your relationships, then I’d love to invite you to enroll in The Empowered Empath Coaching Program Course!


For more details on the course, please visit: https://naomicourtneycoaching.com/empowered-empath-coaching-course/


*Empath type quiz link: https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/5f77e5e6d23d0a0014fc5110


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