Your creativity and fear are interlinked.

Have you ever felt paralyzed by having to meet high expectations for yourself? If you’re a writer (current or aspiring), a creative, or intuitive person, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 


It’s that moment when you get that creative spark. That intuitive download of inspiration. So many ideas! So many possibilities. But then anxiety sets in and you start to feel that resistance. Before you know it, you’re sitting in front of a blank page and you’re unable to get yourself to write anything at all.  


My dear friend and recent podcast guest, Peg Cheng, said, “When you feel that resistance, that’s the old voice.” “Don’t stop yourself before you start.”


Join me for this insightful interview with Peg, where she shares her story on how she became a writer (and how she got wounded when she decided to go full-time). You’ll hear about how Peg went through the belly of the whale and how her high expectations for her achievement had her paralyzed and left her unable to write for years (which is ultimately how she created her class, Fear in Writing.) 

If you’re a writer or a creative of any sort, then it’s important to know that a lot of writers go through the very same struggle in their journeys as well. And what’s helpful is when you both meet other writers who have gone through the same journey and hear their stories of how they experienced, processed, triumphed, overcame the obstacles that are very unique to creatives and writers. 


If you’ve ever felt like taking a leap of faith, following your hunches, and trusting your gut, you’re going to want to save this episode. Peg also shares how she followed and trusted her intuition to close out and end her career coaching practice to transition into the next phase of her life. 


Peg Cheng is the author of Rebel Millionaire, a guide for how to retire as a millionaire even if you make a modest income, and The Contenders, a novel about whether enemies can become friends. She is also the CEO of Plaid Frog Press, a publishing company that she runs with her husband Marcus Donner. 


When she’s not at her desk, Peg loves teaching workshops, digging in the garden, looking for wildlife, studying tarot, and looking for awe in everyday life. 


In previous lives, she worked in 35 jobs including fabric cutter, public toilet researcher, career counselor, and prelaw adviser. Born in Southern California to Taiwanese parents, Peg currently lives in Seattle, Washington.


You can connect with Peg at:


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