Empathy will be the new currency: Tips for highly-sensitive and introverted entrepreneurs


Have you ever tried to fly under the radar in order to stay safe? Have you ever been afraid to voice your opinion? Have you ever felt too broken for this world?


Let’s put those limiting beliefs on ice today and talk about a best-kept secret. Being sensitive is not a weakness. It’s a gift. You’re not alone. We highly sensitive people feel more with all of our senses. And this is our gift.


My most recent podcast guest, Lydia, said, “Look out for people who believe in you. There is always hope. Get support. It’s so helpful to have people by your side.”


Faith comes to meet you wherever you are. Know that you’ve overcome so much already and this will give you the trust that you need to keep the faith along the journey.


If you’re an introverted, sensitive, or intuitive entrepreneur who is looking to release limiting beliefs in your personal and professional life, this podcast episode is for you!


Lydia Sophia Wilmsen is an introvert, highly-sensitive person, and self-mastery and mindset coach for entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their business and results. She is also the creator and host of the Successful Intuitive and Sensitive Entrepreneurs Podcast.


You can connect with Lydia at: https://lydiawilmsen.com/


*If you’re an Empath who is interested in overcoming energetic overwhelm, releasing limiting beliefs, and setting healthy boundaries in your relationships, then I’d love to invite you to enroll in The Empowered Empath Coaching Program Course!


For more details on the course, please visit: https://naomicourtneycoaching.com/empowered-empath-coaching-course/


*Empath type quiz link: https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/5f77e5e6d23d0a0014fc5110

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