Re-defining your relationship with your sensitivity as an introverted empath + HSP

Have you ever been called, “too sensitive?” Maybe you’re an empath or a highly-sensitive person (HSP), and this kind of phrase was always something that you always heard while growing up?


While we’re typically told that being sensitive is a weakness, I’m here today to show you why your sensitivity is actually a gift. 


My latest podcast guest, Ritu Kaushal, said, “I’ve always felt like the odd one out. I really tried to fit myself in a box. So, I would’ve told my younger self not to be afraid of being who I truly am.”


Tune-in to the podcast episode to learn more about how to use your gift of high sensitivity to help advocate for others who are sensitive souls too. This one is for all my introverts, creatives, writers, empaths, and HSPs!


Ritu Kaushal is an author, introvert, highly-sensitive person (HSP), empath, and a silver medal awardee at the prestigious Rex awards, co-presented by the United Nations in India and given to people creating social impact through their work. 


From being called “too sensitive” as a child to advocating for the gifts of sensitivity through her work, Ritu’s life has come full circle. TEDx speaker Andy Mort calls her book, The Empath’s Journey, “a fascinating insight into the life of a highly sensitive person and emotional empath.” 


Ritu’s articles on sensitivity have been featured on Sensitive Evolution, Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal, amongst others. 


She blogs about highly sensitive people & sensitive creatives on her website Walking through Transitions where you can sign up for her newsletter to get two free chapters of The Empath’s Journey. Ritu lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband.  


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