The key to manifesting as an empathic mompreneur.

So, you’re a mompreneur with a purpose, right?


You’re a multi-dimensional mother who is interested in manifesting the life, business, or relationship of your dreams.


But what’s the secret to manifestation? 


My most recent podcast guest and fellow mompreneur, Amanda Suga, shared this manifestation gem:


“The key to creating your reality is belief. Change your beliefs, change your reality.”


If you believe that the odds are stacked against you, that’s what you’re going to see in your life. 


Amanda shares that there’s more to manifestation than just having a vision board, being positive, and acting as if. 


Manifestation is also about taking action.


The law of attraction and the universe are always supporting you, but it’s not about just wishing on a lucky star and waiting for your manifestations to happen. 


Your thoughts are powerful and focusing on what you want is imperative.


Your thoughts and beliefs are creating your feelings, your feelings are creating your actions, and your actions are creating your results or manifestations. 


So, even if something feels difficult to believe, stay in possibility. It’s truly that powerful.


Tune-in to hear more manifestation tips from Amanda! 


Amanda is a mindset and manifestation coach who is passionate about helping ambitious women manifest everything they want in life without the struggle and guilt. She is a certified life coach and NLP, Hypnosis and EFT Tapping practitioner. 


After 5 years of her own successful manifestation journey, Amanda wanted to make a larger impact in the world through sharing her own perspective on the law of attraction creating her own framework and process for helping women transform their mindset to manifest their dream lives.

Her signature program, Becoming Bold is now enrolling for women who are ready for their next level of life. Combining science and spirituality, Amanda guides her clients through her Practical Manifesting Framework™️ to show them their own power to co-create their lives.


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