You’re not here to be understood by others. You’re here to understand yourself.

Are you an empath and tired of being misunderstood by others? I’m sure you’re quite familiar with the phrase, “Why can’t they get me?” or “Why can’t they just understand me?”


I’m here today to give you a new perspective on all of this. Join me in my audio replay of my livestream that I did on the topic of empaths and identity work. 


When you have a solid understanding of yourself, how you’re wired, and what you need…you don’t need others to “see” you.


You’re here to understand yourself. To explore your inner identity.


We all have a certain image of ourself + beliefs about the kind of person we are.


Tune-in to learn 10 reasons why identity work imperative for us as empaths.


*If you’re an Empath or Highly-Sensitive Person who is interested in learning your gifts, overcoming energetic overwhelm, releasing limiting beliefs, and setting healthy boundaries in your relationships, then I’d love to invite you to enroll in The Empowered Empath Coaching Program Self-Study track!

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