How to harness your creativity with intuitive writing as an INFJ Empath

Have you ever been told that you’re far less serious on the inside than you appear on the outside?

That’s something that Anja, aka AS Renner, has experienced as an INFJ personality type.

Anja is an INFJ writer, coach, and the author of the novel City of Lies. Under the pseudonym Sina Jasur, she has published several non-fiction books on Minimalism, Self-Publishing on Amazon and Nutrition.

As a coach for intuitive writing, she supports creatives in finding their voice. The subscribers to her newsletter are currently receiving the free eBook “Intuitive Writing. My Seven Steps to a Finished Novel.”

She is also a rockin’ mother of three (no seriously, she used to sing in a punk band, it all started when she was a lead singer in an all girl band!). She is also an Empath, Highly-Sensitive Person, an Aries (sun), Gemini (moon), and Leo (rising) from a town in Eastern Germany.

In this episode, she shares the lessons that her children have taught her, which is to let go and not put too much pressure on herself or the kids. She said that the most important thing is that her kids are happy as themselves and that the key thing is accepting that they’re different from her. This allows her to create more space to let her children have their own experiences and learn from them.

We also got deep and talked about the INFJ personality type and all of it’s contrasts.. Between getting mistaken for being extraverts (because we’re more open with the people we trust and know well) or desiring deeper and meaningful conversations with other like-minded people (that’s right, no small talk!), we INFJs know just what it feels like to be a “walking contradiction.”

Tune-in to learn more about how intuition shows up for the INFJ and how journaling can help you intuitively work through your struggles with problem solving and making decisions.

If you consider yourself creative, this is the episode for you! You’ll learn how to use your intuition to ignite your writing (thanks gut instincts, ideas, and ah-ha moments!)

We definitely talk about being empaths, going through gradual spiritual awakenings, seeking answers during hard times, seeing patterns across all religions, spiritual dreams, and common empath fears (ex. fear of being seen and being judged).

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