Tired of Being Taken Advantage of as an Empath?


Join Naomi for an audio replay of her livestream on the topic of Empaths and the common frustration of feeling like you’re being taken advantage of.
Here’s some reasons why we feel like we’re often being taken advantage of as empaths:
  • We are natural over-givers in our relationships. We take on too much.
  • Unequal energy exchanges (you’re the only one putting in effort and giving)
  • Co-dependent relationships (watch some of my previous livestreams for more info on this)
  • We neglect ourself and our own needs (we put self-care on layaway)
  • This makes us feel overburdened, resentful, and overwhelmed
3 Steps Towards Ending the Cycle of  Being taken advantage of as empaths:
  1. Set and maintain healthy boundaries (catch up on my previous lives to hear me talk more about healthy boundaries)
  2. Take things off of your plate (there is ALWAYS something that you can slash off your list)
  3. Renegotiate any agreements/commitments that are stressing you out or that don’t feel in alignment with you
  4. Remedy those poor communication skills
  5. Be explicit enough in expressing needs
  6. Know your intentions clearly:
  • How do I want to be treated? (With love, autonomy, respect)
  • How do I want to feel? (Empowered, independently, confident, cherished, happy)\
  • What don’t I want to feel + experience?
  • Anything out of alignment with this needs to be addressed or needs to go
  • Always take note of how you physically and emotionally feel around people/situations
  • Your body is like an instrument, constantly sending signals to you, giving your signs
  • Check the energy that other people are projecting your way (and what you’re projecting their way)
  • Decide to not experience what other people are experiencing (tell them what your energetic boundaries are)
  • Release the need to save everyone, you just can’t
Here’s some actionable pointers for Empaths:
  • Serve yourself first
  • Honor your intentions
  • Stay away from things not in alignment with those intentions you set
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