So what if they judge you?

Join Naomi for a live audio replay of her livestream on the topic of empaths and the fear of being judged.

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So, there’s this buzz in the online space to “show up,” or “show up and be yourself.” It can be tough for empaths to do this both in their relationships and career.Here’s 5 common fears that empaths + highly-sensitives face on the topic of being judged:

  1. Fear of being seen
  2. Fear of being judged
  3. Fear of being unprepared for the unknown
  4. Fear of being taken advantage of, rejected, fooled, or lied to
  5. Fear of being persecuted for who we truly are

This makes taking risks tough for empaths.

Here’s the real reason why this comes up for empaths:

  • These fears are all rooted in deep limiting beliefs (Beliefs about what we can/can’t be/do/have)
  • As an empath growing up, sometimes showing up as our true, deeply sensitive selves got us criticized or judged to begin with (persecution wound – trained us to not feel safe while being seen)
  • Imposter syndrome shows up because we’ve allowed others dictate what success looks like (despite evidence of our past successes)
  • We’re recovering people pleasers and don’t want to start conflict with anyone, even if that means hiding ourselves.
  • We’re highly-sensitive and attuned to the energy and emotions of others (we can sense what others are feeling about us)
  • It can be uncomfortable when you’re this tuned in to the emotions (we start to absorb the feelings of others + feel like their emotional experience is our responsibility
  • If you’re an empath going through an awakening (waking up in consciousness), this forces us to face our shadow self (the parts of us that aren’t so easy to look at)

What proof of success do you have from your past that prove these fears wrong? (Because the subconscious mind needs proof.)

So, let’s talk about the shadow self. This is everything that is unconscious, unexpressed, repressed, or maybe even denied.

We all have a shadow self. Deep wounding (ex. childhood trauma) can come up during the healing process.

Our fears/shadows are deeply rooted in limiting beliefs (ex. “I can’t be who I truly am, they’ll judge me” or “I can’t speak my truth because I’ll upset others.”

Becoming aware of your shadow self helps you accept yourself more as a whole (so you don’t project wounding onto others).

An old coach of mine once asked me, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Ok, so someone judges you.

I mean, they’re probably already doing it, right? But are you still sitting here, living, breathing, and still carrying on with your life despite their judgements?

Heck yes you are! So, if you’re an empath looking for 1:1 guidance with releasing limiting beliefs like these, having an NLP coach can help you reprogram your subconscious mind.I’d love to invite you to join me in the Empowered Empath Coaching Course.

This is my signature 8-week, 1:1 private coaching program for empaths who want to understand their gifts, overcome energetic overwhelm, release limiting beliefs, and build better boundaries in their relationships.

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