Here’s the real reason why you’re feeling resentment in your relationships.

Join Naomi in her latest podcast episode which includes a livestream replay on the topic of empaths and feeling resentment in their relationships.

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So, why are empaths often people pleasers?

  • Self-image plays into people pleasing: Having poor boundaries is often associated with having low-self worth and esteem.
  • It feels uncomfortable to say “no” because we literally absorb energy as empaths and can take on the emotions of others.
  • Sometimes we believe that other people’s happiness is more important than our own.
  • Empaths have the gift of deep feeling and can be faced with emotional manipulation from boundary crossers.

Does this sound familiar at all? Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. But congratulations because being aware of these things is the first step in deciding that you want to do things differently this time.
So here’s what’s important to remember:1. It is vital to remember that you are ALWAYS worthy of an equal energy exchange.2. Know the different types of boundaries that are commonly crossed with empaths:

  • Verbal: Being yelled or screamed at, being on the receiving end of hateful or even abusive language
  • Psychological/emotional: When someone preys on your self-esteem, manipulates you, makes your feel ashamed when there’s nothing to feel guilty about, being gaslighted, or being constantly criticized.
  • Physical: When someone physically assaults you, harms your property, or inappropriately touches you.

3. Commit to your boundaries:

  • It might feel scary to keep having to experience uncomfortable situations where you have to say “no” when you’re so used to saying yes (it’ll feel foreign at first, but it needs to be built up like a muscle)
  • Lack of commitment to maintaining the boundaries you try to set will have you getting the same results

*A part of the conversation in this podcast episode briefly mentioned the topic of physical abuse. If you or a loved one is experiencing abuse, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (Call 1.800.799.SAFE (7233))

Are you an Empath or highly-sensitive person? Have you ever felt resentment in your relationships? Are you interested in building better boundaries? I’d love to invite you to learn your Empath type!

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