Why being highly-sensitive isn’t a weakness

Tune into the latest podcast episode which includes an audio replay of Naomi’s livestream on the topic of how our sensitivities as empaths are not a weakness.

*Link to episode: https://anchor.fm/thatsdeep/episodes/Why-being-highly-sensitive-isnt-a-weakness-epdttg

As Empaths, we think that this is the problem. We feel like just because we’re different, we “can never get what we want, because that’s just the empath struggle.”

As Empaths and highly-sensitives, we have always felt different than others. We were often labeled “too sensitive” by others while growing up (it actually turns out to be a gift.

There are people out there who are just like you: Incredibly intuitive (many have psychic gifts) Natural healers who want to help everyone (just want to make everyone happy – unfortunately, even at their own happiness’ expense). You’re the person that your family, friends, and partners reach out to when they want to feel better.

Our real problem is our mindset.

Are you at cause for your life? Or in effect? Which one is more empowering

You might have said this before: “I’m just an empath and I’ll always be stuck in relationships that drain me.”

Your words create your thoughts, and your thoughts create your actions, and your actions create your reality.

What you’re saying and what you’re putting into the world is what you’ll attract and see. Your emotions shape your reality as well.

There is only feedback, no failure. If you’ve tried setting boundaries before or attempted to improve your significant relationships in other ways that just haven’t worked yet it just means you’ll have to try different tools and a different route (reassess, not give up).

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