5 Things the Empath that you’re in a relationship really wants you to know

Join Naomi in the replay of her livestream series for empaths, where she shares these 5 Common Empath Problems in Relationships:

*Link to the podcast episode: https://anchor.fm/thatsdeep/episodes/Heres-What-Your-Empath-Partner-Really-Wants-You-To-Know-About-Being-In-A-Relationship-With-Them-ep23fk

  1. Not seeing eye-to-eye with your partner/family member – seeing things differently
  2. Feeling misunderstood, not feeling heard/seen, losing your sense of identity/individuality
  3. Difficulty with holding healthy boundaries
  4. Absorbing the energy of their loved one
  5. Savior syndrome, wanting to fix them

Here’s 5 things the empath you’re in a relationship wants you to know:

  1. Be patient with us: We are highly-sensitive and conflict can be very distressing to us because we deeply feel the energy and emotions of both of us.
  2. Be supportive: We need someone to believe in us and show us that our deep gift of feeling isn’t crazy or made up.
  3. Don’t deny our experiences just because they’re different than yours.
  4. Respect our autonomy: Our worst nightmare is to be controlled. Give us the freedom that we deserve.
  5. Deep connections are a must: We are worthy of an equal energy exchange.
  6. Respect that we might be experiencing a different reality than you do:
  7. We each perceive the world and make decisions differently, based on your own inner wiring
  8. Knowing our personality type and profile as an empath helps us to hold space for each others differences

Are you an Empath or in a relationship with one? Join our discussion on common empath struggles in relationships and the key things that the empath that you’re in a relationship with really wants you to know.  What’s your Empath type?

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