There’s Nothing Wrong With You. You’re Just Energetically Sensitive.

Are you an Empath or Highly-Sensitive Person?

This is what I wish my former overwhelmed, misunderstood, disempowered self knew 4 years ago.

In this podcast episode, I share my livestream that I did for my Empath Series and I talk about my story on how I found out that I was an empath. You’ll hear my journey through working a job that was overwhelming for my nervous system, thinking something was wrong with me, and perpetually feeling misunderstood in my relationships at home and at work.

I still have to thank my friend who introduced me to personality types over lunch that one afternoon in my 9-5 job. That’s when I found out that I was introverted and BOOM! That opened up the gates to a lot of “ah-has” and insights about myself and my inner wiring. Because, I’ve always felt different and never really felt like I fit in. If you’re an empath, you understand this struggle too.

Then I found out that approximately 70% of people who are introverted are highly-sensitive people (HSPs). An HSP is person who is very sensitive to their external stimuli, environment, and people. This can often cause them to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated. Empaths are also highly-sensitive people, but the key difference is that they can take on, absorb, and process the emotions that others around them are feeling.

Some other common struggles that you may relate to as an empath include:

-Learning to love and accept ourselves

-Self-love, self-worth, insecurity/lack of self-confidence

-Fear of abandonment, judgement, persecution

-Fear of conflict or upsetting others

-Uncomfortable with feeling vulnerable

-Fear of speaking up/ speaking truth (as empaths, although we so deeply want to connect through sharing)

-Self-criticism + Perfectionism

-Poor boundaries and resentment –


What’s your Empath type? If you haven’t taken my free Empath type quiz yet, click this link to the assessment:

Once you find out your type, you’ll also be emailed a free guided meditation that corresponds to your Empath type and what that type can benefit from.

Looking forward to hearing which type of Empath you are!

Link to podcast episode:–Youre-Just-Energetically-Sensitive-eor1d8

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