Transition From Your 9-5 Job to Start Your Side Hustle

In this episode, Naomi had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Ruby Lee. Ruby is an ENFP in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System, a former super high corporate achiever turned business coach, multiple 6-figure entrepreneur, international speaker, top charting podcaster, and TV host.

She’s been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Amazon Prime Video. Today, she helps coaches earn with ease!  She’s originally from Melbourne, Australia and now she’s traveling the world as a digital nomad! Right now, Ruby, her 3 year-old son, and her husband are in Sofia, Bulgaria, and she is working as a business coach and a LinkedIn Strategist.

In this episode, she also shares what she’s currently working on in her business and shares that in December, she and her family are planning on taking some time off to enjoy the holiday season. 

Ruby shares what a day-in-the-life looks like for her as a digital nomad and coach, while she travels the world with her family. She also gives us the inside scoop what is most rewarding about traveling the globe with her family, how adventure brings in more creativity to her business, and how being immersed in different cultures around the world brings so much perspective to her and shows her how truly wonderful this world really is. 

She also shares her story of how she moved from career coaching to side hustles, and how she found such joy through this because she knew that people were desiring to step into their mission and to show up as their highest-selves. And because it is her passion to help her audience to do the same, by empowering her clients to show up with the confidence that they need to be successful in following that higher purpose, the coaching came really natural.  Ruby also talks about the importance of building an audience. The difficulty of launching a brand on certain social platforms, how she blazed her own trail on LinkedIn and how it is her platform of focus for success, and the importance of being your authentic, silly, joyful self on these platforms.

Staying true to your values and who you are, getting real with your audience, and staying consistent are just a few of the tips she’s shared on this podcast episodes! Ruby advises her fellow hustlers to be tenacious, get clarity on what you’re selling, and think about what you’re audience is looking for.

We also talked about her spiritual practice and how it’s interweaved within her business.  She shares how powerful the practice of journaling and meditation is, in terms of tapping into that inner voice and your higher self. Ruby tells us how important listening to your inner voice is and shares her story of how she and her husband both used to work a full-time jobs, were always busy and rushing, left with no time together, and finally realizing that this was not the kind of life she wanted to be living. They ultimately asked themselves, “What does that higher version of ourselves want for our lives?” And they asked the universe to open up doors and opportunities.

She shared that she asked herself, “What if life didn’t have to be that 9-5?” We touch on how important it is to having a vision and making it happen. 

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Resources: Personality Hacker by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge 10 Things That Excite the ENFP Personality Type Article by Susan Storm:

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