The Importance of Finding Your Tribe as an Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, and HSP.

It was an honor to have Jas Hothi on the That’s Deep Podcast! Jas is an introvert + multi-passionate creative. He runs INF club, a newsletter + community for INFPs + INFJs. He also tutors virtually (#remote) and is self-publishing his 1st book, the indie author (#indie). Work aside, he enjoys reading, watching sports, Winnie-the-Pooh, nourishing conversations and – of course – freedom (#INFP).

He’s from the UK and has a passion for wanting to help people grow, learn, and be their best selves. Jas shares his story of the journey (both spiritual and business). He brings us through his journey of being a highly-focused academic student, to finding himself dropping out of university a few times, to ending up in recruitment for financial services. Things came to a head when he got employee of the year and realizing that he should be happier than he was.

This was the moment he knew he needed to do something). Something just wasn’t right. He dove into reading about being an introvert and highly sensitive person (HSP), which co-occurred while he was on his his spiritual awakening path and while he was bringing himself into alignment.

Right now he’s in the best spot he’s ever been in. We talk about his experience as being INFP type in the Myers-Briggs personality type system, being an HSP, and an Empath. (You’ll want to listen in for his tips on managing energy as an introvert and HSP).

Jas drives the message home of the importance of community and finding your people or “tribe” as an intuitive personality type (I.e., Finding other Ns). Community brought him feelings of feeling less alone and weird, self acceptance, understanding, healing, and growth.

We also talked about the importance of understanding and following your intuition. The only person who has all of the answers is you. There is no one else like you and only you have the answers. If you’re intuitive, you probably need to do work that you care about. You probably desire to have the freedom to do what you want, in your own way.

Tune in for more on Jas, his story, and his insights as an introverted intuitive feeler.

Link to the episode:–Intuitive–Feeler–and-HSP-ee0r6a

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