Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone as an Introverted Female Entrepreneur

In this episode, Naomi has the pleasure of interviewing Belinda Solis! She’s a mindset coach, business mentor, and INFJ from Miami, Florida. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs (specifically, coaches and aspiring coaches) to overcome self-doubt and to start building a business with confidence.

She’s also an HR Director for a non-profit organization in Miami, where she coaches and trains the leaders in her organization to become better leaders.  She shares her personal story where she hit a point in her life when she was feeling like she wasn’t living up to her full potential. It happened around the same time that she experienced the death of a close family member, and she shares her story about dealing with depression, how she decided that she wanted a change, and how therapy has helped her through it. 

We also talk about the struggles of being an introvert and trying to reframe situations to believe that everyone has the best intentions with what they have going on (i.e., reframing things into lessons and taking more perspective).  We talk about how she first started her personal blog and she fills us in about her how she’s building her coaching business while she works with 1:1 clients right now.

We were so lucky to get the insider scoop from Belinda on how to get started on Pinterest and it’s benefits for online marketing and business. We also had the chance to talk about her Instagram page, the affirmations she’s so well-known for, and her inspirational content. Belinda fills us in on the six principles for success, creating her first mastermind, the benefits of talking business and marketing with like-minded people, and stepping out of your comfort zone, especially as an introvert.

We have an insightful conversation about the common fears that come with up-leveling your life, getting out of our own heads, and the need for people to be kinder to themselves. 

We also talked about the INFJ personality type, how much structure they need in their lives, and why this type benefits from a daily routine and using schedules in their work in order to maintain clarity and purpose in their work.  Tune-in for more! 

You can connect with Belinda on:  

Instagram: @thrivewithbelinda 

Pinterest: thrivewithbelinda


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