Setting Healthy Boundaries as an Introvert

In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Megan Malone from INFJ Blog. She gives us the scoop on being an author, writer, and digital marketing consultant.

She recently left her full-time job to begin her entrepreneurship full-time as a consultant with blogs , where she co-manages different blogs to help them grow in various niches. She also does content development and freelance writing for various personality type sites and blogs.

Megan also fills us in on all of the exciting things happening in her life right now, such as her upcoming wedding, her new book, and her new website launching in early 2020 called Purposefully She, where she aims to empower women who are introverted and lack self-confidence.

We also get to hear her personal story about how she went from writing poetry and short stories as a kid, to getting involved in journalism in high school, and eventually moving into writing books, blog writing, and content writing.

She shares her experience with being introverted, shy, and having social anxiety in her middle school years. In this episode, Megan tells us all about the INFJ personality type and she has a mission to help others understand what it means to be an introvert and an INFJ.

She gives us her insight and tips on how to set healthy boundaries and also talks about the 4 types of unhealthy boundary setters (check out her article on her site on How Setting Healthy Boundaries Helps INFJs Grow).

We also talk about self-limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome, and so much more! Tune in to join the conversation!

*You can find Megan on Twitter and Instagram @meganmmalone.

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