Protecting Your Energy as an Introvert and Empath: Tips from a Gen-X Storyteller, Coach, and Badassery Advocate

It was an honor to have Jae Hermann on the show! She is a GenX storyteller, coach, writer, copy editor, podcaster, and badassery advocate. Jae overcame breast implant illness, which for years had robbed her of her health, identity, and creative voice.

Now, she’s a multi-passionate empath who helps women and Gen-X gals tap into their power where she guides them to give themselves permission to share their own unique stories through the power of storytelling.We began our conversation with having a discussion around what’s been happening with Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist initiatives happening after George Floyd’s murder.

We spoke about what it’s like to experience the weight of the pandemic on top of what’s happening in our black community right now.We also spoke about what it means to be an introvert, and how it doesn’t mean that you’re shy, anti-social, or don’t want to connect with people.

As introverts, we discussed our love for solitude and being easily drained by the energy of other people. Join in on our conversation as we explain it in terms of energy input and output.Jae and I also talked about being INFJs and how this type uses logic in their lives (as a feeling type).

We talked about the importance of using our intuition in decision making as an introvert, INFJ, and empath and how our personality type is naturally drawn to creating deeper connections with others, rather than just having the surface conversations. You’ll want to check our conversation out around developing a balance between intuition and logic.

My favorite part of the segment was when we spoke about being empaths, and being aware of and managing energy, boundaries, and protection. It’s easy to become overwhelmed as an empath, so it’s important to check in with your heart and to be aware with what’s yours vs. what isn’t in terms of energy.

Jae shares a useful tool for protecting your energy as an empath and introvert, and reminds us that nothing is wrong with us as sensitives, and how it’s a gift.

Tune-in to the episode to hear more about being mindful and aware of your energy reserves, how to recognize your own power, and how you can use the power of storytelling to empower others!

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