Perspectives from a Multi-Racial Mother, Educator, and Multi-Passionate Artist, Milli Moto

Did you know that by 2060, the multi-racial population will TRIPLE? This powerful statistic was shared by our most recent podcast interview guest, Milli Moto.

It was truly an honor and an absolute dream come true having Milli Moto on the That’s Deep Podcast! Milli is a mother, actress, multi-media artist, recording artist, and educator from Los Angeles, California. She’s been a role-model for me and someone that I’ve always looked up to and it’s a blessing to have been able to connect with her for the show.

Milli started off in the entertainment industry from a young age and you might’ve even seen her on tv shows like Key and Peele or Jane the Virgin. She’s been in movies like Think Like a Man Too and maybe you’ve even seen her on the Emmy nominated digital series, Pillow Talk. She’s also done stunt work for television series like Homecoming, with Janelle Monae and Scream Queens to name a few. Milli is multi-passionate and she is a singer and rapper as well. She’s also a part of an extremely musically talented family and we get to hear the background story about her song “Mood” and how she sang the vocals on the track (although many thought it was her niece Jhene Aiko!).

She graduated from USC with a Master’s Degree in Teaching (English). She’s taught middle and high school before, but at this time, she’s trying to merge the entertainment world and multiculturalism by educating future creators, directors, producers, and actors/actresses with her background in education.

She’s an ISFJ in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System and we spoke about being an introvert and managing our energetic reserves, where she shares her need for alone time, and how we get recharged by being alone. We also talked about how she’s balancing her career, current studies as a student, and being a super-mom, all at the same time. We spoke about how becoming a mother changed and transformed her life in the best ways possible.

We also talked about her devotion to send her daughter to Japanese school to learn the language and how it holds a deeper meaning for her, where she shares her heartfelt story about her father. Be sure to tune-in to this special episode, because we also had a valuable conversation on her experience being a multiethnic and multi-racial woman with what’s going on with the Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist initiatives happening right now in our world.

Milli has been such a leading example for me as a mixed woman and I love her perspective on this topic, where we talk about how we need more empathy in the collective at this moment in time. Join us for this deep conversation!

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