Meditation and Soul-Centered Marketing

In this episode, Naomi had the honor of interviewing Sandy Vo. Sandy is an introvert, an INFP, and an Upstate New York based meditation teacher, self-care practitioner, soul-centered marketing whiz, podcaster, the co-founder of Ladies Aligned, and like she says, a big believer in humans!

She’s also engaged to her soulmate and they’re planning her upcoming wedding! She fills us in on what she’s working on in her personal life (refining her boundaries) and in her professional life. We talk about the importance of going inward and creating boundaries as introverts and getting the space we need to fully express ourselves on the outside.

She shares her story of when she used to live in Bali as a nomad and how traveling really leads you to rely on and strengthen your intuition.

We go over the INFP personality type and how she resonated with the description. Honoring alone time and space individually and as a couple. Sandy is truly such an inspiration and a light and pioneer as a multi-cultural female entrepreneur in the industry. She is truly paving the way for other young female entrepreneurs, of many diverse backgrounds across the globe!

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