Learning The Art of Masculinity

We were so honored to have Johnny Elsasser on our most recent podcast episode. He is an ESTJ in the Myers-Briggs Typology System, a former Special Operations U.S. Army Ranger, former Protective Security Specialist who protected to the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, and Combat Veteran who spent 10 years in and out of the Middle East.

He is the founder and host of The Art of Masculinity Podcast. Today, he has a mission to help men everywhere find the courage to be confident in themselves and their masculinity, no matter what society says or preconceived notions are out there in the media.

He has a personal mission to shed a light on those tough, strong, alpha-males opening up to those they love and to the world with who they really are, and how they own these vulnerable parts of themselves.

Tune-in to the podcast episode to learn more!

You can connect with Johnny on Instagram @johnny.elsasser, on his website at https://nextlevelhabits.clickfunnels.com/about-johnny, and you can listen to his podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-art-of-masculinity/id1406170885

Link to episode: https://anchor.fm/thatsdeep/episodes/Learning-The-Art-of-Masculinity-e9cpt2

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