Improving Your Money Mindset and Navigating Loss With Resilience

It was truly an honor to have Melissa Martin on the That’s Deep Podcast. She is an INFJ, the co-founder of Ladies Aligned, the host of The Boldly Courageous Podcast, a certified money mindset coach, and a wealth and business strategist.

Melissa empowers high performing female entrepreneurs to elevate their business and their money mindset. In this episode, we get really deep and we get to hear her story of her sister passing away from Leukemia when she was 26. Because her sister had accomplished so much at a young age, it reminds her that everyday is a gift and no matter how challenging something feels and how much courage you might need to speak her truth or show up as yourself, it’ll never require as much courage as facing your own death. It’s one of those things that never goes away, but it’s given her a lot of perspective on what it takes to be courageous in life.

In this episode, Melissa also shares her personal childhood story of growing up in a farmhouse in Upstate New York, where she often felt like a “hand-me-down” kid. We get to hear her story of how she judged herself a lot against her peers and how it piqued her fascination with money and drove her to want to be successful.

Back in 2012, she was number one on her sales team making 6-figures, and her company completely eliminated her team. She shares her story of getting laid off and ending up being over 6-figures in debt and thinking about filing for bankruptcy. She fills us in on her story of how getting fired from her corporate career in financial service management led her to being introduced to network marketing, which then led her to entrepreneurship. In 2019, she lost all of her income again. In a matter of two months. Over 6-figures of debt and really struggling financially. But her mindset is different this time around and she’s asking herself “What am I meant to learn?” “What am I missing?”

We talk about how Melissa is shifting her attention to money management just as much as she does with money mindset. She also shares the breakthroughs that she had this year. She’s going to let her soul be as big as it wants. We talk about releasing self-limiting beliefs such as “my bigness makes other people small,” or “My light can’t be too bright.”

We talk about the importance of celebrating others just as much as you celebrate yourself. Tune-in to hear more! Melissa is truly resilient, inspiring, and courageous. P.S. You’ll get the inside story on how she recently found herself taking a helicopter to dinner one evening in Los Angeles.

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