How to Use Myers-Briggs Personality Types to Improve Your Family Relationships

“One thing that I would never change about myself is my sensitivity.” “It’s been a journey because I grew up thinking my sensitivity was a flaw.” This was one of the many valuable insights that was shared by Sandra, our latest podcast guest on the That’s Deep Podcast.

Sandra Etherington is a mother of two, an Enneagram 1, INFJ, and an MBTI and MMTIC Certified Family Type Practitioner who currently lives in Bend, Oregon. She also runs a podcast, called Family Personalities.

She uses the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System (MBTI) to help type parents and their kids, so that they can better understand each other, have more compassion for one another, parent more effectively, and work in harmony with their spouse.

MBTI has been a big part of helping her understand her sensitivity in all aspects (strengths and weaknesses). What she most loves about herself as a parent, partner, and friend is her ability to step into what’s really happening with other people’s emotions and have deep empathy. Without her sensitivity, her super power wouldn’t be there. I appreciate her efforts to start changing the narrative around sensitivity and being sensitive. She is a sensitive mother who encourages us to see our sensitivities as a gift and not a weakness.

Listen to the episode to learn helpful tips on parenting kids of different personality types! We also talk about how to manage your energy as an introverted mother and we break down how you can use MBTI to help enhance your family relationships. You’ll absolutely want to bookmark and save this episode if you’re a parent who’s looking to improve their relationship with their children, if you work with children and want to work with them more effectively and compassionately, or if you’re looking to improve your relationship with your spouse.

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