How To Start and Scale Your Side Gig

In this episode, Naomi had the honor of interviewing Elena Ciccotelli. She’s from New Jersey and she’s been featured on Forbes, NBC 10 Philadelphia, and she is a small business owner, writer, podcaster, and a side hustler, just like you.

Elena is an ISFJ in the Myers-Briggs Typology System and she is the creator and host of The Side Gig Central Podcast, where she helps entrepreneurs build their side gig and where she truly believes that your side gig has the power to change your life.

Elena shares her story of training to be a professional ballet dancer, to then pivoting and running her own company as a trainer, to now building her side gig as a podcaster while working in her corporate 9-5 job. We also talk about Elena’s podcast, The Side Gig Central Podcast, where she brings on expert interviews to help give her fellow side-giggers actionable tips and advice to win big with their side gigs.

She helps us learn more about what a side gig is, tips for finding an aligned sponsor for your podcast, and how she’s monetizing her own podcast. We also talk about her future dreams for the Side Gig Central Podcast and it’s potential directions it could go in as far as opportunities go.

Like we do in all episodes, we also talk about Myers-Briggs Personality Types and how using type as a tool can help us both in our personal and professional lives. Elena is the first ISFJ to be featured on our podcast and we dive into the dichotomies (ex. Introversion vs. Extraversion), the characteristics of the ISFJ personality type, and personal examples of how her personality type shows up in her everyday life.

Tune-in to the episode to learn more about how to build and scale your side gig!

To get in touch with Elena, you can find her on:

Instagram: @sidegig_central_podcast and @elena_ciccotelli


Link to the episode:

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