How to Build Self-Worth From Within: Taking Personal Accountability

It was a blast having Maria Grande on the That’s Deep Podcast! We recorded this episode last week during the super full moon (the super pink moon, the brightest moon of the year), so you know we had to talk about full moon rituals, crystals, moon water, and all the things woo!

Maria is an ENFP, a mother and wife, a personal power speaker, and a coach. She grew up in South Philly and now she lives in South Jersey. She is also the host of her podcast, Worth In Progress, where she shares her journey of going through the self-worth process. She also hosts live events on personal development and has a girls empowerment series as well.

Exciting news! She’s also currently working on writing her book. She teaches personal accountability and I love that Maria said, “What you do with your energy is your responsibility.” She teaches people about self-worth and how to unlearn the conditioning and patterns that don’t serve them. It all comes down to mindset work. She shares that she can be an over thinker, and how she used to tell herself that she wasn’t good enough, and how she held herself back with her limiting beliefs. She’s got a hold on her mindset now, but she mentions that it never stops and you have to consistently check in on your mindset.

We dive deep into her personal story, where Maria shares that her 20s were the heart of her pain. She shares that if she could tell her 21-year old self anything, she would tell her that she’s already enough, she can be anything she chooses to be, and being different is a gift. Now she knows that she doesn’t have to fit a mold or pretend to be somebody. Everything that she’s been through has contributed to who she is today.

If there’s one huge takeaway that you get from this episode with Maria, you’ll learn that it’s ok to not be positive all the time and that we as humans just need to embrace and laugh at the dark side, and not stay there. Just allow it and move on.

Tune-in to the episode to learn more about how to foster self-worth from within!

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