How to Stop People Pleasing as an INFJ and Introvert

Have you ever asked the universe for a sign and received it? Our most recent guest shares her story of how this happened to her and how it led to many shifts happening in her life.

It was such an honor having Leah Carrillo Rivera as a guest on the That’s Deep Podcast! She is an INFJ, a mother of two, wife, life coach, and the creator behind the Serenity Journal Planner. She helps parents and teachers learn valuable life skills so they can teach their kids/students through coaching, workshops, and more.

Leah is a registered nurse who resigned from her pediatric nursing job of seven years at a Children’s Hospital in her city due to health issues and to protect the health of her baby. Now she’s a life coach and she also does business coaching for new nurse entrepreneurs with her husband!

Leah is a very spiritual person and she was very open about her faith in God and asking for signs from the universe. In this episode, we hear Leah’s personal story where she got very sick three years ago and was put on bedrest. The doctors didn’t understand why and she was on 20 meds and 15 supplements just to feel normal.

It was because of this that she turned to holistic healing. When she turned 28, she finally threw her box of medications away. She also shared that her husband (also a nurse) had gotten attacked by his patient in the past and has been on disability ever since. Because of these life changing experiences, she knew how hard it might be to get pregnant.

However, this past year she and her husband decided to try and have another baby. Leah noticed that every time she went back in to work, she noticed she would get her symptoms back. So, she and her husband made the decision that if she were to get pregnant, she would leave her job. And guess what? She found out that she was pregnant, that same week!

At that point, she sent in her resignation letter within the following week or two and the rest was history! In this episode, we wear our mom hats and talk about how we’ll do anything for our kids, even though we may not do anything for ourselves and our own health.

Sometimes it takes something as big as a pregnancy to really take care of your physical and emotional health. Leah also shares her story of going through bouts of anxiety and depression. It was hard for her to understand how all of a sudden she got sick. One day she had a dream that the reason that she was sick was that she didn’t love or take care of herself and she woke up crying. She then realized that she was taking care of everyone else before herself.

As a recovering people pleaser, she realized that if she wants to be a good mom and nurse, then she needs to take care of herself and love herself first. This has become something she wants to teach her family and kids. This story is one that I know a lot of people can relate to here in the That’s Deep Podcast Community.

Tune-in to the episode to learn more!

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