Finding Clarity and Purpose as a Life Coach

In this episode, Riley had the honor of interviewing Cassandra Rosa. She is a transformation coach, speaker, author, and ENFJ from Toronto, Canada. She is also an award-winning speaker and author of the upcoming book, “Now what?”

Her passion is focused on helping her clients transform their “now what?” moments into living the life of their dreams with their new found clarity, confidence, game plans, and simple, tangible tools that they have learned.

She primarily works with millennials and in this episode, Riley and Cassandra discuss identifying your obstacles, asking for help, taking the leap, and finding your clarity.

She shares her story about having her, “now what?” moment in college and how she studied abroad in Europe in Africa and grew her passion and love for mentoring others. She helps people find which path to take, especially when dealing with confusion on which direction to take.

We love what Cassandra said when she said, “Once you get over that fear, sky’s the limit!” So be open to opportunities because you can definitely make your dreams a reality!

For more, check out the episode and tune-in! To find out more about Cassandra or to work with her, visit her online at

You can also find her on Instagram @cassandrarosaa

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