Building Your Like, Trust, and Know Factor in Online Marketing

It was an honor and a pleasure to interview Britney Gardner on this episode of the That’s Deep Podcast. Britney is a Brand Strategist, Brand Photographer and also the creator and host of her Podcast, The Know, Like & Trust Show.

On this episode we dive into Britney’s life, from growing up in California to making a big move to New York. Going to college then taking the big leap to starting her own Wedding Photography business.

We also discuss Britney’s personality type, which is an INTJ and what it’s like with an extroverted husband. But we can’t forget Britney’s business side as a Brand Strategist and some advice for the entrepreneur.

Listen for more of Britney’s story and awesome info!

You can connect with Britney: Instagram: @iambritneygardner


Podcast: Know, Like & Trust Show

Link to the episode:–Trust–and-Know-Factor-in-Online-Marketing-eaoqmp

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