Behind the Scenes of Building a Million-Dollar Business

It was an honor and a blast to have Natalie Rogers on the That’s Deep Podcast! She is the CEO and founder of the Klassy Network and an entrepreneur at heart.

She is an ESFJ in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System and on this episode she shares her story about how she’s gone from starting her first business when she was a senior in highschool to now, being the CEO and founder of a million-dollar e-commerce business.

We dive into the following topics:

Getting to know Natalie better, on a personal level (0:00-22:02): Getting caught up with the details of her upcoming wedding, what she was like as a child, what she wishes people knew more about her, and the most important piece of advice that she’d give to 16-year old Natalie if she could.

Personality Types (22:02-32:41): Find out what Natalie’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type is, how type can be used as a tool in your personal development, relationships, and career, learn the dichotomies in personality types (ex. Introversion vs Extraversion), and hear 10 fun facts about the ESFJ personality type.

Working with family (32:55-35:36): Hear what it’s like working with family, building a lifestyle where you can spend more time with your family and friends, and get tips on how to effectively work with family in your business.

Finding your tribe (35:38-38:57): Natalie shares her story of becoming friends with thought leaders such as Amanda Bucci and Isabella Guava, collaborating and becoming biz besties, and gives us some great tips on how to find your tribe.

Klassy Network (38:58-44:54): Learn how it all started with Natalie launching her blue-light blocking glasses, to now growing her business into being more than just a blue light glasses company. Hear how she plans to put out additional products that will serve the same woman, who is an ambitious woman who’s got big goals, but cares about fashion, looking stylish, and who wants to feel good.

How it feels to hit the milestone of being a million dollar company (44:54-46:19)

Mindset, self-care, and additional business tips (46:19-End)

One of the biggest takeaways that I’ve learned from Natalie through this podcast interview was her thoughts on the importance of being yourself. She said, “Be yourself, don’t dim your light. Don’t worry about being too much for people.” Mic. Drop. Tune-in for more!

You can connect with Natalie on:

Her website:

Instagram: @itsnatalierogers and @klassynetwork

*If you want to grab a pair of Klassy Network blue-light blocking glasses:

Resources: Personality Hacker Book by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge “12 ESFJs Explain The One Thing They Wish Others Would Understand About Their Personality” by Heidi Priebe

Link to episode:

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