Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy as an Intuitive Blogging and Business Coach

It was an absolute honor to interview Darya Knysh on the That’s Deep Podcast! She is an INTP in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System and an intuitive blogging and business coach who helps creatives tell powerful stories and helps them to make money through blogging so they can live a life of freedom.

We get to know Darya on a more personal level, where she shares her story of being born in Ukraine and moving over to the U.S. when she was 4-years old. She talks about getting back to that creative person that she was as a kid, how she learned that the things that make her unique were actually her unique superpowers. And when she started to own that, she started to grow in her business.

We also get to hear about her next big adventure, which is her going on a month-long solo-trip to Bali. As an INTP, Darya is a lover of learning about the brain, and also has an interest in personal development and Myers-Briggs, and in this episode we dive deeper into the cognitive functions behind this personality type.

Darya also drops some major value and insight into blogging, coaching, and entrepreneurship. Initially, she wanted to be a scientist but she decided to pivot because she wanted the freedom to travel the world and to create the life of her dreams without having to answer to anyone else.

She shares her story of how she started off as a travel blogger, and how she started to gain traction and make money from it. After she having a monetized blog figured out, people started reaching out to her on instagram and she began doing coaching from her DMs.

From this point, she absolutely fell in love with intuitive business building alongside blogging and now she’s started her blog coaching business last May. Right now, Darya is working on balancing the feminine and masculine energy within her business, balancing the “being” and the “doing.”

In this episode, she defines what intuition is and we also talk about the importance of slowing down and resting as an entrepreneur. She said, “The rest is the work sometimes,” “If you don’t pick a day to rest, your body will pick it for you.” She shares that life isn’t about being as productive as possible and that we have to do the deep work in the creative work instead of just stressing out about producing.

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